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Catching Up!

Welcome to Fiber News!
                  Hello Yarnies!
The last few months have been filled with amazing happenings. The nearly full eclipse of the sun was pretty cool, my grandson Hudson was realy excited about watching it, so I got to view the event through his interpretation of what happened.  
The customer challenge was wonderful.  Thanks to all who participated.  I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful projects and the way the same item looked in different fibers. Some combined fibers and some added tasslels. I always say "make it your own".
                  Sophie Scarf                                                                    emPower Cowl
Lots of people enjoyed the trunk show on Local Yarn Shop Day weekend!
Local Yarn Shop Day was epic!  I enjoyed seeing all of you. I love having the shop buzzing with lots of customers happy,laughing and excited to see everything we have to offer. The shop wouldn't be here without all of you!  Thanks for all your support. 
Next came the Northern Lights - Can I say "WOW".  I was beyond excited to be able to experience seeing them. This shot was taken by my husband Tom right in our back yard!
Now that warmer/hotter weather has decided to stick around there will be more outside activities, such as gardening, bike, baseball games and picnics.  I hope that you all will still find time to knit, crochet, weave or spin.  Just remember how relaxing our fiber crafts are and how much you enjoy them.  Let's make them year around activites even if it's for just a bit each evening.  Car rides can be a great time to knit or crochet, I even weave on my small loom as we travel. Small projects like hats, mittens, socks or scarves are portable and easy to pack in a project bag to take with you.  This also gives you a chance to start your holiday gifts.
Up coming events:
New class schedules are being added to the calendar
Mitered Square Workshop offered again in June
Shop Closed Friday and Saturday June 7 & 8
Shop Closed Saturday, July 20
Shop Closed Saturday, August 31
Mid-Mitten Shop Hop October 3-6
Fiber On!
Your Yarn Maven